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Newby de laval nozzle ?

  1. Apr 9, 2009 #1
    Newby de laval nozzle ???

    I am experimenting with de laval nozzles. I am trying to make a nozzle that operates at room temprature and moderatly low pressure.

    This is the equation I have found for calculating area of throat.

    At = (q / Pt) x SQRT[ (R' x Tt) / (M x k) ]

    At= area of throat
    q = gas flow rate
    Pt= pressure at throat
    R'= Universal gas constant x molecular weight
    Tt= Temp at throat
    M= gravity constant
    k= gas specific heat ratio

    How do I calculate the volocity of the gas that exits the throat? What is an ideal volocity,
    is it relative to the speed of the rocket? Is it possible to work the above equation and end up with a low and therefor ineffective volocity? Do I have to set my pressure and flow rate
    based on a target gas exit volocity?

    Thanks for your time
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