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Newby help

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    i am starting to learn in EE faculty
    all the math/physics/electronics courses on the highest level

    i want to work on developing surveillance stuff
    like cellular,ear taps
    i heard of a gadget that uses a laser beam in order to capture the vibrations on the glass window of a house
    in order to transform it to the voices of the victims conversation

    what courses do i need to pay the most attention

    in order to qualify for that stuff?
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    At the risk of enabling Big Brother, you'd probably need (from a high level point of view):

    1) Waves and simple motion
    2) Lots of math, concentrated on ordinary, and partial differential equations
    3) Optics (at a senior level)
    4) Enough electronics to be able to do something with the tiny variations in path length that result from sound causing the glass to vibrate.

    Or, you can ditch all of that and use a stethoscope.

    Or, you can go a little more sophisticated and build yourself a microphone (small, powerful magnet attached to the glass that vibrates and induces current in a coil), and take enough electronics to build yourself a really high-gain amplifier. Well, you'd probably need some basic communications and signal processing to reduce the garbage you're most likely to get with this setup.

    Remember, give an EE a break, eh? ;-)
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