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Newcomer questions to physics forum

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    Hi, i just signed up and am new to all this. First time in a forum also. Main reason i signed up is so can help others, chat physics with rest and also to get some help on some main issues im experiencing along my study. No homework or similar but things i get stuck at. To introduce myself a little detailerr (:)) im 17 and living in switzerland. Currently in high school and hoping to go to institute of technology next year. I hear a lot of physics goes on in there. Never mind. I love physics and i study it a by myself a little bit. While on that subject if anybody ever reads this can they also tell me if the engineering schools go deep into classical mechanics as to study hamiltonian and lagrangian formulations and follow from there to more ad topics?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Best to read the rules, one of which is no questions in this intro subforum. There's a academic guidance subforum which would be perfect for your question.

    EDIT: I see Stevie beat me to it by at least 4 seconds :smile:
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    Oh sorry did not know the routine,...
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    Happy to help new members who are unsure of procedure. :)
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