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Newcomers can't post links?

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    A recently locked thread:


    indicated that this new poster (first post) could not post links to arxiv. Is this true, and when did it happen?

    I ask because my first post to physicsforums involved two links to arxiv (unlike this case, both were published, but that is not the point of my query; though I might also note that the link of mine that was published in Annalen der Physik was much more controversial than the above thread). Also, I note that, at the time, I did not know that my links were published - a responder noted that both were published.

    In this case, I hope the link is published, and the thread is re-opened, because I see the topic as well within the goals of discussion of mainstream research for these forums.
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    It's a temporary measure to help combat some recent spam attacks. If it becomes permanent we'll make an announcement.
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    Ok, I'll watch out for this. I should also note that while the thread title is provocative, the referenced paper is not really. The referenced paper does not argue an incompatibility of momentum conservation and SR. Instead, it argues that both SR and Maxwell's equations are consistent and conserve momentum, but that the Lorentz force law has problems being consistent with both SR and momentum conservation unless it is generalized (in a way proposed by Einstein in 1908). I have not read the paper carefully enough yet to agree or disagree, but that is hardly a wild claim.
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    it would be helpful if anyone replying to a homework question with a head-less link (without the htt etc) would post the whole link in their reply :smile:

    (first checking of course that is isn't spam!))
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