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Newcomer's first thread

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    Hey everyone, I'm GW150914, and (obviously) I'm new here. (Or should I say "GW150914 report for duty sir"? lol) As you can see, my name comes from the first direct detection of gravitational waves by LIGO in 2015. I'm a Chinese (aka Chink lol) , now studying physics in USTC, and I'm interested in exoplanets. Besides, I'm a big fan of Star Trek (i.e. I'm a trekkie), my favorite starship is USS Defiant (NX-74205) and my favorite character is Jadzia Dax(she is really charming). I hope I can improve my physics as well as English here. Live long and prosper!
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    Looks like we also got GW151226 now ;).
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    Yeah, I heard of that yesterday, NASA China's weibo account posted it yesterday afternoon (UTC+8), they claimed that it's a sensational news, but I can't understand why, since this is a second GW source, not the first one, and it does not overthrow GR or indicates something incredible. In fact, I would say it's quite a normal discovery, and LIGO is going to make more and more similar discoveries in the following years.
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