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Newie with flowers

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    I am reading an introductory book for dummies about different kinds of flowers on earth, I am wondering why do such flowers as dicots in tropical everwet, summerwet, and winterwet look more beautiful than those in other areas. They fully blossom. My guess is because of the temperature or environmental conditions that make big differences. May I ask if that is possible for any kind of transplatation of flowers such that their siblings(acceptors) after transplanted can blossom as fully as their donors ? What part of the flowers are going to be the candidates for transplantation ?
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    Plants blossom fully in temporate, subtropical and even xeric habitats. Perhaps you mean, there is a larger variety of plants with vivid floral colors and display.

    I don't know why. My guess is it's a survival or adaptational advantage. There is a larger variety of pollinators (insects, birds, bats) in tropical areas. Those plants with more vivid colors attract more pollinators and successfully produce seed that germinate into the next generation. Many flowers even appear in the UV (ultraviolet) band of light which attract bees for pollination.

    If you are just transplanting them, you want to choose a soil, moisture & light conditions that closely resemble their native habitat. A green house is typically used for culture of tropical orchids. The transplants will bear seeds and perhaps some of their offspring will blossom as vividly as their parents.

    If you are actually thinking about vegetative propagation, that is different. This is actually cloning the parent plant, so each offspring has the same genetic makeup as the parent. Not every plant can be vegetatively propagated the same way. Here are some examples (cutting, runner, mounding, air layering, soil layering, tissue culture). It would take several paragraphs to explain each. Instead I recommend looking up the key words propagation and plant on the web.

    These clones have the potential to flower as vividly as their parent plant, if you provide soil, moisture and light conditions similar to their native habitat.
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