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News Fail

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    I often post news fails because the media annoys me, so I think I'll start collecting them into one thread. Here's a doozy I saw today on CNN.com :


    Here's how this happens:
    Step 1: Two interesting stories about the Airbus A380 happen in 24 hours, which lends itself to a cluster format, with a picture.
    Step 2: Someone who knows a little less than nothing about airplanes or names makes a typo or otherwise confuses an A380 with an A320.
    Step 3: Needing a third "story" to properly format their news cluster, they pull a stock marketing video from Airbus for the A320 and slap it into the cluster.
    Step 4: Profit!

    Per unit mass, some reporter or website editor was wrong by 694%!

    [Mod note: This thread is intended to be a light-hearted place for posting news fails such as typos and gaffes, in a similar spirit to the "Funny Pictures..." thread in the Current Events" forum. Please keep it tasteful and do not start any political arguments. Thanks.]
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    It's a shame, yes. Unfortunately this is more common than it is rare. I've seen it on almost all news channels, including such serious ones as BBC. The A320 as well as the B-737 are the cash cows of their companies.
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    No news fail thread is complete without some classic videos! Warning some of these are moderately NSFW (language slips).

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    Thats what its all about, nothing else matters, not even accuracy. (good thread by the way)
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