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News hacks

  1. May 24, 2003 #1
    And we all know what a bastion of truth the Star-Telegram represents...

    I mean, its my home paper, and the stories they have published concerning myself or my colleagues have been so absolutely 100% inaccurate I have become accustomed on sunday morning to this :

    " Bring me coffee!
    Bring me the paper!
    Bring me a bucket!"

    Frankly, I trust the Dialy Mirror and the london Sun before I trust the stupid hacks at the star telegram....

    Ack. WTF new thread?!
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    Well, I can understand your skepticism. However, I also find it improbable that a ligitimate, US newspaper would make that big of a lie. So, I decided to look for more sources of the same information about the destruction of documents by Texas police, and I came upon the following:

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    It just does you good to remember: headline on page 1, retration on page 30...
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