News on Metallic water

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    News on “Metallic water”

    Phase diagram of water revised by Sandia researchers - Press Release Oct 3, Sandia National Lab, Albuquerque, NM

    “Metallic water” alters characteristics of Neptune and impacts other physics

    Very interesting work in both computational and experimental physics. High-energy-density physics (HEDP) is a relatively new area, with relevance to thermonuclear reactions (e.g. stars and related natural phenomena, and nuclear weapons), and propulsion and energy production systems.
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    Do you think it will be possible to verify these results experimentally? I've heard of a device that uses two diamond-tipped cylindres to compress merials in between the cylinders (I think it was called a " diamond anvil"). Last I heard, this device was being used to study metallic water and solid metallic hydrogen. Would it be possible to study phase transition with this device?
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    Here is some background on the Diamond Anvil Pressure Cell, which has been around for a while. -

    A wikipedia article - - claims "The range of static pressure attainable today extends to the pressures prevailing in the earth’s center (~360 GPa)," so it might be possible to achieve the pressures of 100-250 GPa.

    The matter of the temperature "4,000 K" (3737°C) is a problem, or a challenge. Very few materials can withstand such temperatures, but perharps the water could be heated with a laser, which means the diamond would be at 4000 K, and the mandrels would need to be cabides of W, Ta, Hf or similar metal.
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