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News Story: Twin Paradox Solved

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    :rofl: mumble mumble curse words...
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    What a load of crap.
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    Well at least the comments sum it up, it's not a paradox you monkeys:tongue2: :biggrin:

    Sloppy journalism probably. Or an engineer who hasn't got his head round the idea of SR.

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    Yeah, the twin paradox has been resolved for years, that is, decided not to be a paradox. This story was even retracted on some websites (it has been appearing on a lot of strange websites).

    Science needs to strike back against idiots like that with (a) force. Not as in inviting them to equal-based scientific discussion, but to, for a lack of better words, go Richard Dawkins on them.
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    More like resolved for almost a century.
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    I don't get it, why make a fool of yourself? What does electrical engineering have to do with relativity anyway???!!
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    Because for crackpots, any publicity is good publicity. This is because they have no other means of getting "recognized", so even bad publicity is good publicity. Besides, considering how bad the general public's literacy on science is, and how many suckers are born every minute, there's bound to be hordes of people who would buy into it.

    It is why they are so annoyed with PF, because we are cutting off one of their means of publicity.

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    The funniest was a reply I read somewhere in those forums :

    "So a journalist and a student get drunk in a bar..." :rofl:

    The least funny replies where those people actually taking this crap seriously and debating the merits (or lack thereof) of the article. Total craziness.
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    He got something on this topic published in the "International Journal of Theoretical Physics". Temple University Library no longer subscribes to it, and I won't pay the $32 to read it online so I can't say what's in it. However, this sounds worse than the Sokol hoax.
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