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Newspapers turning into tabloids?

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    A couple days ago, the front page of the Toronto Star was graced with a picture of a pregnant Britney Spears, and an article about her unhealthy eating habits, and her marital woes?

    Just wondering, does anyone else have this problem with their local newspapers? Reporting pop culture, instead of (gasp!) news? The Star responded that they were trying to attract younger readers, but I've been thrilled to read many an angry letter from teenagers, denouncing the focus on Britney as front page news.
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    The Calgary Herald is a good, solid newspaper. The Calgary Sun has always been half-way between it and the Inquirer.
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    Is the Herald owned by one of large media giants? I find the Toronto Sun is very similar to how you describe the Calgary Sun, but theyre both owned by Quebecor, so that makes sense.

    If the Star keeps disappointing, I might switch to the Globe and Mail. Neither the Sun nor the National Post are any good. The only people I see reading the Post are the Bay St. businessmen.
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    Washington Post weekly edition baby!! Boo yeah!!
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