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Newton 2 law

  1. Oct 16, 2005 #1
    hi there
    i was just wondering could anyone please explain to me the concept behind a "SWINGING ATWOODS MACHINE"-i mean as to why it works that way!"?

    I really want to know the concept!!

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    Many of us know what an atwood's machine is, and most of us can guess what a swinging atwood's machine might be...but it may still not be clear what the "concept" is that you want explained.

    Please describe your question in more detail and clarity.
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    hi there
    i meant the actual reason as to why the 2 masses behave as they do when they are swinging....when the lighter mass hits the heavier one...the heavier goes downwards..however momentarily both are at rest when the lighter mass comes to its mean position...i wanted to know the theoretical reason behind this/!!
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