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Newton law of gravitation

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    I studied about the newton law of Gravitation which states that in universe every matter attract each other with a force which is denoted by F= Gm1m2/r^2. But in my view it is only happen within the region of gravity of a matter. but not in the space.

    please can any body help me in this regard?
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    D H

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    What do you mean by "within the region of gravity of a matter"?

    Gravity is what keeps the Moon in orbit about the Earth, the planets in orbit about the Sun, the stars in orbit about the galaxy, our galaxy bound to the local group. Gravitation extends into space.
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    Doc Al

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    What do you mean by that? Are you saying that two masses separated by space will not attract? What is the "region of gravity"?
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    Do you think gravity only acts within the atmosphere(region?) and not exceeds to space(which is what we call to place beyond the earth)?Do you think in terms of earth?
    I think he is talking about this: As distance increase the gravity force decrease.
    By that,do you think that the gravity force gets vanished beyond "The region"?
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    The Newtonian gravitational field ##F = -\frac{GM}{r^{2}}\hat{r}## extends out to infinity isotropically.
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