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Homework Help: Newton law of motion

  1. Sep 30, 2010 #1
    I'm having some difficulty with some sample questions. I have the solution to the problems. but i don't know how to work through the problem to get to the solution.

    1.what is the mass of the object?
    details: Two strings are holding up an object. string 1 is 30 degree and 23N. string 2 is 50 degrees.
    the answer is 3.0 kg
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    Firstly are the angles 30 degrees to the normal? or horizontal?

    Secondly what is the force being applied on string 2

    If i were to tacke the problem, i would
    1. draw it out neat and clear, label all the angles
    2. break down the forces into x and y components
    3. have a think about the relationship between mass and weight**
    Applying this correctly should result in the answer

    Cheers Trent
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