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Homework Help: Newton Mechanics Help

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    A 1940 kg Oldsmobile traveling west on Saginaw Street at 17.4 m/s is unable to stop on the ice covered intersection for a red light at Abbott Road. The car collides with a 4166 kg truck hauling animal feed south on Abbott at 9.5 m/s. The two vehicles remain locked together after the impact. Calculate the velocity of the wreckage immediately after the impact. Give the speed for your first answer and the compass heading for your second answer.
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    Draw a picture of what is happening. Using a vector diagram of the momentums, you can see what the combined momentum would be and in what direction (adding vectors). Once you know that, you can solve for the speed by momentum equation. As for the angle, use those trig inverses.

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    wow thanks! i don't know why i didnt get it before, even though people explained it to me the same way :tongue2:
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