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Homework Help: Newtons 3rd Law

  1. Mar 4, 2005 #1
    Hi I need help on these questions, please try to be specific.

    A sled dog pulls 2 sleds, A and B
    If tension in rope 1 is 150 N
    What is the tension in rope 2?
    Mass 1 on a table (mu=0) is connected by string through a hole in the table to a hanging mass 2.

    With what speed must mass 1 rotate in a circle of radius r if mass 2is to remain hanging at rest
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    First find the acceleration of the system (=Tension/the total mass - mu* g)(the acceleration due to gravity). Therefore,if you know the mass of the sled pulled by rope 2,the problem is solved.
    In the other question, the tension in the thread is mass2*g , which equals the centripetal force acting on the rotating mass(=mass2*speed^2/r).
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