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Homework Help: Newton's Law of Cooling

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    I am stumped on one question out of twenty on my lab report.

    T = T0e-kt + Troom

    When T = 0 what is the value of e to the negative kt
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    Do you mean when t = 0 or T = 0? T can never be zero, because e-kt will always be positive.
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    If t= 0 then T= T0+ Troom

    If it is T= 0 then if either T0 or Troom is negative (but not both!) (possible if T is measured in Celcius or Farenheit, impossible if T is measured in Kelvins), solve 0= T0e-kt+ Troom:
    [tex] e^{-kt}= -\frac{Troom}{T0}[/tex]
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    Halls,it's Anders Celsius (sic) and Gabriel Fahrenheit (sic) :wink:

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