Newton's law of gravity

  1. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Pluto is only planet that has not yet been visited by a spacecraft. Pluto has a mass of 1.27*10^22 kg and a radius of 1.14*10^6m. although Pluto is in an elliptical orbit about the sun, for simpicity we'll assume Pluto orbits the sun in a circular orbit of radius 5.91*10^12 m. the mass of the sun is 1.99 * 10^30

    2. Relevant equations
    The question is...
    If generic man can jump to height h on Earth, how high chould generic man jump on Pluto, assuming his initial veocity is the same on both planets?

    3. The attempt at a solution
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    How many of those things you are given are relevant to "how high" the man can jump?
  4. The question did not mention about that. It just said the man can jump "h" meter.
  5. You're given a hell of a lot more information than needed in here. How can you figure out the acceleration of gravity on Pluto using the information provided?
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