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Homework Help: Newton's Law problem

  1. Oct 15, 2008 #1
    Only two forces act on an object (mass= 3.8 kg). One force is pointing east with 40 N. The other has a force of 75.0 N at a 45 degree angle. Find the magnitude and direction (relative to the x-axis) of the acceleration of the object.

    pythagorean theorum
    tan O= opp/adj

    x y
    53.03 53.03 < ---- found using 75sin45
    40 0

    = 97.03, 53.03 <--- resultant

    pythagorean theorum with resultants = 110.58m/s
    angle from tangent= 28.66 degrees
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    Hi wallace13,

    I believe that the 97.03 is incorrect.
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