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Homework Help: Newtons law question.

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    Have a difficult time on where to start here, iv'e looked over the book, and my notes, and I believe the question is more basic than given, Am I thinking too in depth here? Help please!

    A 0.110 kg baseball, traveling 34.0 m/s, strikes the catcher's mitt, which recoils 14.0 cm in bringing the ball to rest. What was the average force (in newtons) applied by the ball to the mitt?
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    From the velocity and distance to stop, you can get an average acceleration. Then given that acceleration and a mass, you should be able to get an average force.
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    Welcome to PF.

    F = m*a

    So all you are missing is a.

    But a can be found fairly simply by V2 = 2*a*x

    For kinematic equations:
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    THANK YOU!!! I knew this was easier than I expected. I'm a newbie here but expect more from me, Physics is one of those classes that keeps me up at night :cry:
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