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Newton's Law

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    I am just starting in elementry Physics and so in fear of asking an over simplified Question Can some one break down the common Law's of Physic's relating to natural occurances such as Motion/Electricity/Vortex's and any other relitive information you may deem esential.
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    Hi Mark and welcome to the Forums,

    Perhaps it would be easier if you asked the question you want to ask...
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    Start with--E= mc^2
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    If your just starting elementary physics, and judging by the thread title I'm guessing that your just after classical theories, I would stay a way from relativity for the moment.
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    Hi my back ground is in Electronics in the Medical field.
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    The reason Hootenanny gave you the response he gave is that your question is so general you are essentially asking us to post the first several chapters of a physics book. That isn't how a discussion forum works. You need to ask more specific questions if you want real help.
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