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Newton's law

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    hi i have a question:

    if you have 2 blocks on a vertical inclined plane...

    ( with angle teta = pi/2)

    what would m1 be equal to for a1 and a2 to be = 0

    (the answer should be in terms of some or all of the variables of m2 and g)

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    help please :cry: :yuck:
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    Could you elaborate on that?
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    (sorry i can't put up a pic, i'll try my best)

    imagine a rt angle triangle... (the inclined plane)

    the block is resting on the hypotenous and the second block is attached on the "leg" with the rope holding both blocks...

    the question says that imagine the block is on a vertical plane with angle teta = pi/2

    what is the value of m1 for a1 and a2 to be equal to 0.

    it said to put the answers in terms of m2 and g

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    well, what is a1 a2 and m1. your problem seems very simple, but you explained it terribly. let me ask...you have one triangle with one block connected with a rope to the second, right?

    and one block is on the inclined plane, and the other one is on the vertical leg...so one block is pulled by a force of Cos(Theta)*Fg and the other one by it's Fg....and there's a tension force in between them that is symetric due to newton's last law and you want to know which block moves wihch way and by what speed or acceleration etc...right?

    or you want to know the mass of one knowing the fricktion force and speed of the whole system?

    something along these lines? well, it's 1 am and i got homework so i'll guess your problem tomorrow...plz describe it better, maybe attach a picture...

    becasue i think int is very very easy.
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    u were right in ur analysis..
    values for m1, m2, a1, and a2 were not given. the only given # is angle teta = pi/2.

    i'll try and attach a pic here..
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    okay now...im only a senior in highschool, but as far as my geometry goes a pi/2 is a radian that = 90 degrees. a right triangle with two angles of 90 degrees is not really a triangle, it is a line...so you should defenetly help us understand what your triangle looks like.

    if you got no other means or on time, draw a sketch in paint and attach it using www.photobucket.com

    that pi/2 is confusing me...becasue the vertical and horisontal already form an angle of pi/2 and in a triangle the angles add up to 2Pi/2...so you would have the third angle equal zero.
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