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Homework Help: Newtons Laws Problems

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    I attached the problems here. I am really having a tough time getting these problems started. Any help to get me going in the right direction would be great.

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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi the whizz ! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Let's just do 1 and 2 first:

    1. Use good ol' Newton's second law for penguin-and-sled together to find the acceleration.

    Then use Newton's second law for the penguin only.

    2. The acceleration will be the same for all bodies (because the strings are always the same length).

    So call the acceleration a, and start at the left-hand end by using Newton's second law on m1 to find T1. :smile:
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    ok so basically what im taught to do is...

    take the diagram and write equations for the sum of all the forces in different directions.
    add all eqautions to eachother and solve for the unknown.

    So in the first problem i want to figure out the equation of motion for the penguin and the slide as one first?

    Then find the maximum static friction for the penguin.

    The forces on both would be kinetic Friction would be equal to the M1A....

    Once i get my scanner working i can post the work and hopefully can make some sense of it.
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    these are due tomorrow and I'm losing it...

    anyone have aim or anything that can help me through this?
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