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Newton's laws violation consequences

  1. Oct 28, 2005 #1
    Do not get me wrong when I ask this question. I know laws cannot be violated.
    However, if Newton's third law were violated, what would the consequences be?
    Also how would Newton's first and second law be violated and what would the consequences be?
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    Andrew Mason

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    It depends on the extent of violation. If it is one part in 10^45 the consequence would not be very great. If they did not apply at all, we would have a very different world.

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    The first law could be violated if something just all of a sudden started moving for no reason. I guess the world would seem like a bad horror movie where ghosts and poltergeists roamed free!

    The second law... again, odd world. You'd push an object and you'd really have no idea where it would go.

    If the third law was violated... well there goes the whole idea of conservation of energy.
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    Could you explain in more detail on the second and third laws? Also, how does violating the third law affect conservation of energy?
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    Well if objects in motion did not have to stay in motion etc etc. things could just move for no reason and stop for no reason. Theres really no more detail that I can tell ya, if laws start breaking, all bets are off.

    The second law is F=ma. Well if this law doesnt apply anymore, you can no longer tell what an object will accelerate at if you push it. For all we know, you could end up using the same force to push a refrigerator vs pushing a basketball and have them both go the same speed.

    The third law basically means an object could gain kinetic energy without having to do any work on anything. It would be like trying to walk on a frictionless surface. You have no way of doing work so you don't go anywhere. If you didn't have the third law, you could start moving and violate conservation of energy without having to use a frictional force on the surface.
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    If Newton's third law were violated a chemical rocket could accelerate without the burnt fuel ever leaving as exhaust! :)
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