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Newton's Laws

  1. Sep 26, 2007 #1
    Because of the rotation of the Earth, a plumb bob may not hang exactly along the direction of the Earth's gravitational force on the plumb bob but may deviate slightly from that direction.
    a) Show that the deflection A in radians at a point at latitude L is given by

    A = sin2L[(2(pi^2)R)/(gT^2)]

    where R is the radius of the Earth and T is the period of Earth's rotation.

    b) At what latitude is the deflection a maximum? How much is this deflection?

    c) What is the deflection at the poles? At the equator?

    Any ideas of where I can start with this?

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    Its always best to draw a diagram of these things first as you can right down several relationships which might get you going. What do you have so far?
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