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Newton's Predictions

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    Hello to everyone

    Did Newton prerdict that velocity played a role in antigravity or weight loss phenomenon?

    Thank you
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    Andrew Mason

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    I'm confused. Are you referring to Isaac or Wayne?

    AM :wink:
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    Perhaps you could provide some backgound information to help us help you. Do you have reason to believe that Newton had anything to say about antigravity? If he did I have never heard of it.
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    No he didnt.
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    I read a reply from J-Man to Petrus dated 1/5/03 reguarding the General theory on antigravity and J-Man tells Petrus that he has "renamed a phenomenon that has been predicted by Newton". That is why I was asking because I had never heard of such a thing my self. I own the book Philosophiae Natturalis Principa Mathematica, by Sir Isaac Newton and if I missed him talking antigravity I wanted to know what page it was on. Sorry for all of the confusion and thank you for your time and opinion.
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