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Homework Help: Newton's second law for car force problem

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    I have this problem:

    The fastest cars can travel at 350km/h. When you take the foot of the gaspedal the air will decrease the speed of the car. This leads to a retardation (I hope it's the right word for it) at 1.1 g. Which force (N) will affect the driver (80kg)? The weight of the car is 600 kg.

    Which formula should I use? I don't want anyone to give me the answer just like that, instead I would like some tips.

    Thank you in advance :smile:
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    Use the newton's second law to find the decelaration of the (car +driver) system. Again apply the same law to the driver alone using the above found decelaration to find the force on him.
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    You mean mass.
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    Yea, mass. Sorry.

    Newtons second law

    F = m * a

    I have m (the mass) But I don't have the acceleration or the Force.
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    the 1.1g is the accelaration,
    1g=9.8 m/s^2
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