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Homework Help: Newton's second law

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A 50,000 kg locomotive is traveling at 60.0 when its engine and brakes both fail.

    How far will the locomotive roll before it comes to a stop?

    I'm completely lost and i dont know how to get started on this question
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    F = m*a

    If there is no braking, there is no force. No force means no deceleration.

    Is that the entire statement of the problem?
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    yes thats the entire question
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    for F=m*a there is no acceleration because its alrdy travelling at 60m/s sorry i left that "m/s" out of the question
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    Better hope there is a lot of track then.
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    If the problem doesn't state a friction force involved, or any other type of force involved, then the train will keep moving until...some force interact with it.
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    Re: newton's FIRST law

    Yup! :biggrin:

    btw, this isn't a Newton's second law problem, but a Newtons first law problem …

    a body on which no forces act continues to move with uniform velocity. :wink:
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