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Homework Help: Newtowns 1st and 2nd laws question. please help

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    In an inertial frame of reference, a series of experiments is conducted. In each experiment, two or three forces are applied to an object. The magnitudes of these forces are given. No other forces are acting on the object. In which cases may the object possibly move at a constant velocity of 256m/s?

    The forces applied are as follows:
    2 N; 2 N
    200 N; 200 N
    200 N; 201 N
    2 N; 2 N; 4 N
    2 N; 2 N; 2 N
    2 N; 2 N; 3 N
    2 N; 2 N; 5 N
    200 N; 200 N; 5 N
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    good question. sounds like homework.

    show some work... at least some attempt, however small.

    for example, the third case 200;201. What do you think for that one? And why?
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