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Next-gen GPU's?

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    Should I wait until the next-generation of graphics cards from AMD/Nvidia are released to rebuild my computer?

    Also, the Haswell processors are right around the corner. It just seems silly to get an Ivy Bridge and Nvidia Kepler PC when the next-gen hardware is just months away.

    Based on what I've read, the GTX 7xx and HD 8xxx are highly revised and improved versions of the current micro-architecture and we won't see the Nvidia Maxwell and Radeon "????" architectures until sometime late in 2014.

    Right now, I already have the skeleton for my new build, which includes the mid-tower case, the power supply (850W), a 1TB 7200RPM performance hard drive, the blu-ray disk drive, windows 8 professional , and Norton 2013 anti-virus.
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    Is what you're building sufficient to your gaming needs? If so then go ahead and build it now. If not then wait.

    This kind of thinking is known as FUD for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt which tech companies play up to delay people from buying a competitors product.

    The way you should think is that once every 3 (for businesses) to 5 (for personal use) years you can upgrade to be cost effective. For a business then you would do a managed upgrade of a 1/3 of your machines every year.
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    Are they releasing a refresh of the GTX 6xx and HD 7xxx series? Or basically an improved and revised version of the current micro-architecture, much like the GTX 480 > GTX 580?
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    Can't really say what they'll release.

    Many of my friends check Tom's Hardware for inside tech news. Maybe you can post there and get more info.

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