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    Hi everybody

    I have recently finished reading 'A Brief History of Time'. I found the book very informative and even entertaining to read. It was a good overview of how our knowledge about the universe has developed over history.

    The book introduced some very interesting ideas about quantum physics but I would like to know where to go next to continue learning about this subject.

    I've watched many documentaries since but have found these to be rather confusing. There seem to many schools of thought on what holds the universe together, dark matter, black holes and alike.

    I would like to read an up-to-date book that gives a good overview of each of the main possibilities that science is considering about the above issues. I intend to get a basic physics book to fill in gaps in my education but would really like to read about the modern theories and speculation. I want to know for sure what avenues science has explored and why they are argued to be good possibilities.

    I know scientific theories and ideas change so much and so fast that maybe there is no up-to-date cutting edge book. But I really what to learn about quantum physics and mechanics but find it to over whelming to wade through web page after web page each arguing a different point of view.

    So my question is quite simple, can any one point me in the direction a good book that introduces and explains the pros and cons of quantum theory along with any alternatives?

    Thank you for your time
    Andrew Wieland
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