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NextStep (question/s)

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    does someone know if and when will the next version (4) as this guy typed here:
    http://www120.pair.com/mccarthy/nextstep/intro.htmld/ [Broken]
    of NextStep is due to come?

    and is it compatible to IBM Thinkpad computers (not necessarily the newest ones on the market)?
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    dude... that webpage is from around 1996.
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    From Wiki:
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    NeXTSTEP as an OS hasn't been around for nearly 10 years. I believe the last version was NS 4.2 and was only available for the i386 platform, up until Steve Jobs and NeXT were absorbed into Apple.

    If you're looking for the functionality of NeXTSTEP, look at GNUstep

    Hmm, I seem to remember the history of NeXTSTEP a little differently. From my recollection, GnuStep was started as an open source project based on NeXTStep, and was primarily intended to mimic the cool revolutionary GUI and development environment for other *nix based OSes. NeXT did work with Sun to create a version of NeXTSTEP for Solaris. OpenStep evolved later out of the early GnuStep efforts
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    didn't notice that. :shy:
    anyway, there this webpage http://www.blackholeinc.com/ that still sell the softwares & hardwares concerning openstep/nextstep.
    but i still wonder if such os would be compatible with Thinkpad, or it's just my fantasy.
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    GNUStep running on Linux (or some other *nix variant) should run just fine on a Thinkpad. If you really want NeXTStep, you will want to make sure to get NeXTStep for Intel.
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