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Nexus 7 and PDF files

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    I currently have a great thirst for reading up all sorts of Mathematics/Physics textbook which I have obtained as PDF files on my Nexus 7. I currently use two apps to use to books. These apps are Adobe Reader, and aldiko. I feel like these apps aren't good enough for organizing and locating the textbooks. I have so many on it already and I feel like these free apps aren't efficient.

    If anyone is interested in teaching me new ways to study using these PDF files on tablets with using a better app or anything related I would really appreciate it.

    I have also added pictures to show you how frustrating it is to switch between these books and learn using the tablet.

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    Aldiko is great for epubs; for pdf it pretty much sucks. There's an app called 'documents to go' and it has a option for favourites and recent files so its pretty neat inasmuch you can use it for pdf, ppt, doc etc.
    But Adobe's interface is the best.
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    kingsoft office, fb reader, cool reader, file expert hd
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    Thanks for all your feedbacks. I think I will try my luck with Adobe Reader for now but I really like to try the link and "documents to go".
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    I would highly reccommend MoonReader Pro. It's extremely affordable. When I purchased it, it was less than $2.99.

    I like it because it has quite a bit of customization options and it also keeps track of your reading time and words per minute. I think of it as a "Steam" but for books. It feels great knowing how much study time I put into my reading.
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    Thank you for the new info. I checked the app on play store and found out that it supports pdf files. However, it does look like a great app for reading books (i.e. novels), but I mainly read and use textbooks of variety of sciences. I am gonna try the free version soon. Thank you :)
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    I access my Nexus 7 PDF files through ES file explorer (in the download directory) and it gives me two options. One is PDF reader --- which seems to be a default stock Android reader (not something I can uninstall) and the other is Amazon Kindle, which is my reader of choice. I tried a bunch of other readers and had issues with them all. I haven't tried using Kindle to catalog a bunch of PDF's. I just use ES File Explorer to manage the directories.
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