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NFA for recognizing w*wR

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    I have an example where we have an NFA that accepts w and is of the form M1=(Q, Σ, T, s1, F1) and another that accepts wR (the reversal of w) of the form M2=(Q, Σ, T, s2, F2). This is all high level, and theory based, so we don't know what w or the containing language actually is. Now, I need to describe an NFA that accepts w*wR in the same form, M3=(Q, Σ, T, s3, F3), by formally describing each element in the tuple.

    I found this old PDF: http://cs.nyu.edu/courses/fall03/V22.0453-001/hw5.pdf where problem 3 looks very similar to my question and provides a solution I don't quite get.

    I'm just having trouble describing what M3 would be like. I realize that in order for a string to be accepted, the set pair when finished would need to be the same state, i.e. (q0, q0), but am lost otherwise. Any insight would be appreciated.
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