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Nfl 08

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    No thread yet on the NFL?

    Between two channels, three game winning field goals in less than two minutes.

    Denver-Buffalo was first and best. They made a first down and could have spiked the ball to stop the clock. Instead, they rush the field goal team out with about 10 seconds on the clock and barely set up and snapped the ball in time. What in the world were they thinking?! One of the dumbest plays I've seen. Fortunately for the Broncos, Elam hit his field goal in spite of the rush. :rofl: (And I know what they were thinking. It was 3 and 10 and Denver was out of time outs. If Walker doesn't make the first down, Denver can't stop the clock and the FG team has to be moving as soon as the whistle is blown. I don't think they could tell from the sideline whether Walker made it or not and they sure weren't going to let a second or two click off the clock while they waited for the ref's signal.)

    Green Bay: high snap, but they get the ball down and make the kick. Washington: routine FG in overtime.
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    I had been watching the Broncos game but did not even notice until afterwards that they had come so close to running out of time.

    How bout them Eagles! :rofl: sorry russ!

    I'm glad the Cowboys pulled through tonight, the secondary had me a little worried.
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    The unfortunate downside of this activity -

    Bills saddened after teammate Everett sustains 'catastrophic' neck injury
    I've seen this too often, and I myself am very fortunate not to have fractured my neck on numerous occasions. I hope that he recovers as much as possible.
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    Wow, did anyone see that game? I just followed it on nfl.com and it seemed insane! 5 interceptions from Romo, two were ran back for touchdowns, Cowboys give up a 103 yard kick return for a touchdown. Now the end. Cowboys down by 8, but the Bills throw a pic in Dallas territory (why did they throw?). Romo drives the Cowboys to a touchdown with 20 seconds left, but a failed 2 pt attempt leaves them down by 2. Cowboys go for an onside kick and are successful! Not only that, but the ball is tipped and ends up going an extra 10 yards :smile: Now the Cowboys need about 10 yards to get into field goal range and they have 18 seconds and no time outs. Romo throws a 25 yard pass to Owens and quickly spikes the ball with :01 second left but Owens dropped the ball and it is overturned. So the Cowboys get the ball back and make two quick passes and get out of bounds on both. Now there are 2 seconds left and the 53 yard field goal is good for a 25-24 win, but wait!!!! The Bills pull a cheap ass trick like the Broncos (god I hate the Broncos :tongue2:) and called a timeout. Don't tell me a repeat of Oakland-Denver! The kick is up, and again a perfect kick! Cowboys win 25-24!!!! Crazy, I wish I had seen it!

    Video recap of the game: http://www.nfl.com/videos
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