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NFL Football!

  1. Sep 9, 2012 #1
    Anyone watching football today??

    For me its like the official start of the best time of year. Leaves are changing color, the weather is cooler, Sam Adams has put out Octoberfest, and every Sunday is football!

    Its a gorgeous day here. Perfect for grilling and hanging out. Anyone else excited to have the season finally start up again? Any football traditions going on today? Who else is watching their team play today??

    (Go Pats!)
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    Terrible officiating in the packers vs 49ers game. But my Falcons doing work on K.C. Julio Jones with his 2 TDs. I know he's going is going to beast it up this year. =)
    LOVE seeing Roethlisberger and Manning battle it out tonight...but still seems awkward watching Manning in orange. lol
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    Broncos beating the Steelers was great!

    Finally, just good football without all the drama (as in Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn, et al).

    But I hate those orange jerseys.
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