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Nice career dilemma

  1. Nov 3, 2009 #1

    I've been offered a job that involves the design of electrical control panels. I can get involved with the wiring, installation, design, and software right up to the project management. However I've also bee offered a job as a Systems Engineer for air traffic control systems - I don't know which one would be better for me... What do you advise....?

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    It's difficult to give an answer without a lot more information. What are the respective pays, room for advancement, 'comfort' of each job, etc. I myself find the first one more interesting but I can't suggest it to you since I have no information about you.
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    I've taken the first job, the electrical one.
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    er... i got sacked / fired today. I stood up to the bullying i was subject to - and this proved to be unacceptable. No employment rights until one year in the job so they will just pick some nodding yes man.
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