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Nice place you got here

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    Nice forum you folks have here! IT's so much better than "science forums," I can't tell you!

    A fellow teacher told me about this site. Most people seem to have a good sense of humor. I have a strong urge to start answering a bunch of questions posted ont the k-12 homework board, but before I do, does anyone have any hints regarding protocol?

    That is, do some members/administrators have a "final say" or is it OK to give an additional response that may (or may not) be helpful to the person asking?

    And any other things you long-standing members take for granted (and not mentioned in FAQs?
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    As long as the thread isn't locked, you always can add to it.

    With regards to protocol, you should read the "sticky" or any guidelines at the beginning of each section. My own personal protocol (more like "guidelines") is that I never entertain a question in which the person either did not reveal the entire question, did not attempt to show what he/she already did, or did not reveal what he/she already knows to be able to answer the question.

    .. but then again, maybe I'm just an ogre... :)

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    The only real rule is "don't solve the question for them unless significant attempts have been made".

    If someone posts a question on the order of:

    Your response shouldn't be more than:

    If the person instead posts an honest attempt, then feel free to answer as much as you think the person would need to solve the problem; whether it's a point in the right direction, or telling them which line their algebra error is on. Use your best judgement.

    Welcome to the forums!
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    I'm with you too. The only rule you need is politeness. I advice you never question with simply one line of comment. For instance:

    Starting Thread. Message.
    "What's entropy?".
    Closing Thread.

    For me that isn't welcome, and I will not respond any question such those, because I've never made a question in such a way. Usually I try to be polite both in questions and answers, and if somebody has the politeness and kindness of answering me, I will reply him giving some thanks. No more is needed. Answering to the "vacuum" is an unpleasant thing.
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    Welcome to the board Vector Sum!

    As the others have pointed out, the most important rule is we don't do the homework for the students; we try to nudge them in the right direction to learn their lessons for themselves. Otherwise, there are plenty of questions to be answered, so feel free to jump in and help out!
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    Welcom to PF, Vector Sum!
    A perhaps obvious point of etiquette mostly followed, is that if you develop an answer similar/building on another's reply, you ought to mention that person (for example "As SoandSo said,..)
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    Thanks all. I've already jumped in. God knows why! It's my job to teach physics, and I answer questions all day, so what do I do with my free time? Answer more questions? It's an odd compulsion isn't it? Sort of a "MUST ... FIX .... WORLD " complex.
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