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Nice planet comparisons

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    Chi Meson

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    See all those comments under the pix? Don't tell them about PF.
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    Whoa! Cool balls! Where do I get some of those?

    No, really. Those models are very nice to look at, especially the ones
    representing the inner planets. I'd love to have some.
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    Ahhahha! One reply:

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    It's funny how people try to justify their wasteful (environmental) lives by denying the fact that they have influence on the Earth's climate and that it's all good, so they don't have to change anything.

    Naiveness and ignorance will kill us all.
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    Uhm, where did that come from?
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    I think its funny how people won't shut about these things when they aren't relevant to the post they're commenting on.

    Slashdot turned a comment thread on the discovery of a new planet into an Anti-Bush thread in just 50 comments. Its amazing.
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    That's not irrelevant! That chimp killed Hubble! :grumpy:
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