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Nice Problem ( Geometry)

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    1 ) Let [tex] P [/tex] be an arbitary point in the plane of triangle [tex] \vartriangle ABC [/tex] , let [tex] A' [/tex] be a point on [tex] BC [/tex] such that [tex] A'B \bot PA [/tex]
    , Define [tex] B' , C' [/tex] in the same way,P rove that [tex] A' , B' ,C' [/tex] are collinear.
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    I'm not sure the statement of the problem is correct; if A' is a point on segment BC, then A'B is a subsegment of BC, and the choice of A' does not affect at all the (possible or not) parallel condition with respect to PA, since all P, A, B and C are fixed beforehand.
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