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Homework Help: Nice question on single slits

  1. Feb 24, 2006 #1
    Hi everyone,

    this is a really nice question on single slids. I can do part a), since the Intensity is proportional to [f(x)]^2.

    However, I am completely stuck on part b. If the wave alters in x direction (not uniform) I don't understand how I am supposed to calculate the resulting Intensities in y direction on the path of the dog. Am I supposed to build the time average on each point? If anyone could give me a hint that would be amazing. Thank you!

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    Thank you - I already solved the problem (it was actually quite easy) - I had been confused, since I thought that direction x (in the intensity pattern) was perpendicular to y (the direction in which the dog walks), but apparently it is the same, which makes the problem quite easy to handle.
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