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Nice Resume Templates

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    Any help on resume templates would be nice.

    I need lots of room though. I have LOTS to put on. My Bachelors Degree and College Diploma. I've had 4 really good jobs in the past year alone. I've had some good extra-curriculars. Lots of skills (changed based on job).

    How about posting resumes online for you guys to check without the address and stuff, safe?
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    You can do a google search on resumes.


    or just look for "student resume books" that universities have listed.
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    Didnt you take technical writing?

    http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/5492/imggf3.jpg [Broken]
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    I use the latex package currvita.
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    That looks nice and straight forward. That assumes only 2 jobs though.

    I've had 3 atleast that are worth mentionning.

    Yeah, I did learn to write resumes and stuff. It's just that I went to a job assistant place and they changed the whole thing around. Personally, I think it's ****. I'm asking because I'm really wondering what the professionals actually do. I'll probably avoid ever even considering help from one of those places. Everything was just **** in my opinion.
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    I wouldn't use the suggestion that Cryus gave you. Almost all job resumes do not have a section for resumes - it's uncommon. Some people may do it, but if the employer wants references, they'll ask you for it.

    Remember, a resume is a piece of paper that must sell you in every shape or form. It's your marketing tool - having those resumes won't impress the employer at all.
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    Usually, unless you are just out of school and have nothing to put on your resume, personal references are not needed nor does a potential employer look at them. Of course there are always exceptions, but when I was asked to help with hiring at several large companies, they were not wanted on a resume.

    If you have an employment history, that should come first, education should be after employment, then if you still have room, if you feel any extracuricular activities are meaningful to the job then you can list them.
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    Hmm... If you're still in college - education history should go first. Otherwise, if you've held a fulltime applicable job, then put it lower in the resume.

    As far as extracurriculars, put them down if you have shown some sort of leadership position. This can be anything like president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, board member, etc. That will help. Simply putting "member" doesn't attract the employer.

    I just had an interview for a position where they speciflcally talked about what I did as VP/President in two of my organizations. He was the main guy for the leadership development program. He flat out told me that I have a good base and he was glad to see that I went on being "more than a member in the organization".
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    If you havn't worked full time, or for a decent lenght of time at those jobs I would recomend going with a functional resume format. Your going to have to push skill set over work experience.
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    Plus, don't get married to a resume, tailor it to the job your applying for. I have 2 versions of mine, one techincal the other sales focused.
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    Yes, that's an excellent point.
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    A resume should look just like what Cyrus posted, but don't put references on it. Put that on a separate sheet of paper (typed) that you bring with you to an interview, and only give it if you are satisfied with the position and company. The last thing you want is to have a bunch of idiots calling your references and making your references hate you for giving their information out to so many people.

    The resume itself should be fairly static when you are applying to jobs in the same field. The cover letter that you send out should be unique for every job, and it should highlight specific things related to the job you are applying for.
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    Except it has education and employment in the wrong order.
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    Except for people coming straight out of school, if one has work or professional experience, the employment history should come first, then the education next as Evo indicated. That's usually the format we receive, and our professional resumes/CV are much the same.
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