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Nice to meet you in physicsforums

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    Hello,I am Dwayne Huang. I am not a physicist, I am like to think something about universe and the general physics in nature life. I am glad to meet you in physicsforums.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read our site rules and please be aware that our mission is to help students and others interested in learning mainstream science and math concepts. We don't dwell on personal theories and speculative science as these topics tend to confuse students trying to learn STEM subjects.

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    Thank you for your guide. I "reproduced" Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) structure by few formal logics and certain geometroies changes. And I have something want to discuss with people. Where and How can I discuss with people in right place?

    the "reproduced" structure is changed by only one point in projection time change.
    It contains clear change process from one point to CMB.
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    You cannot discuss it here! What you have described is your personal theory on the CMB structure.

    If we allow it here then students will think it has been reviewed by experts in the field and will believe it to be true.

    I'm sure there are other websites where you can discuss your idea such as Reddit and get meaningful feedback from others.

    To iterate, you cannot post your personal theory on the CMB structure here.
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    got it, thank you.
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