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Niels bohr model

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    we know that we can find the radius and energy of the orbits of hydrogen.now why is it so that we cannot apply the same formulas for other elements by using the equations given by bohr.if there are complications what are they?
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    Main complication is that the Bohr model is rather far from reality even if it illustrates very simply the fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

    However, for most of atomic physics the full quantum mechanics is needed.

    For example, orbitals describe stationary waves of electrons in the atom in a very precise way. This description is much more elaborated than the Bohr model. Without, you could never explain chemistry.

    As another example you should think to the Pauli exclusion principle: no more than two electron can manage to eccupy the same orbital if they have oppiste spins. Again this is not included in the Bohr model.
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