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Nigerian Who Really Needs A Better Science Facility

  1. Sep 11, 2005 #1
    I Am A Nigerian Who Really Needs A Better Science Facility,to Upgrade My Life As A Scientist.i Am Aged 16 And I Need A Scholarship To Help Me Study Abroad Since The Educational System In Nigeria Is Pretty Dull.
    With All Modesty, I Have Been Able To Surpass My Mates Here In Nigeria,and I Promise To Be Better If Given The Chance.
    Any One With A Web Where I Could Get A Scholarship To The U.s Could Send To Me.all Help Will Be Appreciated.
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    It is not 1600 anymore. Now it is 2400.
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    I'm glad it was super easy when I took it. Now I hear you have to write essays and junk? Wow...

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    it was junk before, when you had to do analogies and what not. Maybe I was just too dumb to score more than 1300.
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    Har har har! I got a 1330. :P

    The analogies totally killed me. Mostly because I picked the right answer, but there was another answer that was more right than the one I picked, therefore I was still wrong. =/

  8. Sep 12, 2005 #7
    Har har har! I got a 1570. :P

    It did take me two tries, though. (My first time was a 1480). Now, if only I hadn't gotten those three verbal questions wrong... :)
  9. Sep 13, 2005 #8
    Universities don't even check your SAT I scores when you transfer over, right? What a waste of time for me. :(

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    Yes, they do.
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    1310- I'm in college now so that score worked for me lol. My problem was those analogies and doing math at 8 AM. After 10 I'm a math wiz but before then I'm lucky if i could distinguish a greater than sign from a less than sign :)
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    Any Other Web Other Than Collegeboard,where I Wil Get A Scholarship?
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    international scholarships are very hard to come by, your best bet is to do the SAT, then apply to a private school. Most private schools (and maybe some public) offer merit-based scholarships to anyone.
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    www.fastweb.com it's a really great website that help u to look for scholarships!
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    A lot of schools will give you a scholarship if you are accepted. These schools admit anyone who they think is qualified, and then make sure they have enough money to go there.
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    For undergraduates? Really! Where exactly are these schools?

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    Maybe I should have used different wording than "qualified". I'm talking about the schools which accept a low percentage of people(like Cornell University) and do not discriminate against financial status.

    Quote from Cornell's website
    "Cornell follows a need-blind admission policy and guarantees to meet the financial need of students who are accepted by the university."

    EDIT: I guess I should have also used a different word than scholarship. :uhh:
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    .. and how many such schools do the same thing like cornell ? I would simply point to the yearly endowment that cornell gets, which exceeds the GNP of many small countries, and then ask how many others are like that?

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    The poster of this thread seems to want a "better" university than most universities. Someone suggested to get a 1600 on the SAT's. Now, which is more probable, to get into a prestigious school and receive financial aid, or get a 1600 on the SAT? That's beside the point anyway, if the poster wants to go to a better school, financial status shouldn't be too much of an issue if accepted. Scholarships aren't the only ways to pay for college. I know that you know more than me on this subject, but I am simply trying to clarify myself.
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    Remember that you claim that "A lot of schools will give you a scholarship if you are accepted."

    This gives the impression that such a practice is prevalent. Nothing could be further than the truth. Cornell is a very rare exception. Furthermore, as in international student, his ability to obtain "free" undergraduate tuition is even more severely limited.

    I hate to think people would walk away with the impression that such "scholarship" are plentyful and automatic and "a lot" of schools.

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