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Nikola Tesla and his wardenclyffe tower

  1. Dec 19, 2008 #1
    I was just watching a biography on Nikola Tesla. Do any of you know about this Wardenclyffe tower he built with the intent of somehow collecting radiant energy in the ionosphere?

    I beleive he also expirimented with the transmission of electricty, either through the ionosphere or the earth itself, so that the public could potentially collect the energy wirelessly for free? Have any of you heard of this? Is it possible? I don't know much on the subject, so I'm sorry for such a poor description. I am just checking if any of you have heard of this and could enlighten me.

    Hm. Wow. I found the information I needed in another thread just now. Sorry. I tried to find them before and couldn't, but I saw them just now in the similar threads section, so, you can get rid of this if you'd like.
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