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Nikola Tesla and Stan Meyers

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    I have been intensly studying the work of stan meyers as of recent to attempt a contraption that will charge distilled water with no electrolyte with amped up current to break apart the H2O bonds without force but to allow them to collapse by distorting the angle at which the bonds are formed.

    My theory is using a type of transformer or tesla coil that a certain pattern of increasing wave strength can be formed which pulses very rapidly. The gradual increase in electric wave size would slowly pull the Hydrogen bonds apart to breaking point then cycle back to a low frequency allowing the H2O to basically collapse on its own.

    My question is can electric current fed through a transformer coil with patterns much like the desired wave create just this as a result?

    If the coils replicate a pattern by varying in size in increasing (patterned) margins can a pattern be created and harvested for more efficiency in electrolysis of water or other solutions?

    Example below.

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    Everything has a natural vibrational frequency, could it be possible to use high power sound waves matched to the natural resonating frequency of H2O to help destabilize it?
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    what has this to do with nuclear and particle physics jonthonson?
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    Vanadium 50

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    One could ask what it has to do with physics, period. Meyer was claiming that he had a car that ran on water - the claim was that H2O could be dissociated for less energy than one could gain by reburning it. He was sued by his investors, found guilty of "gross and egregious fraud" and ordered to pay back the money.
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    What doesn't have to do with high energy, nuclear, or particle physics?
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    He is talking about "electrolyte " "H20 bonds", and ultimately:

    "My question is can electric current fed through a transformer coil with patterns much like the desired wave create just this as a result?"

    That has nothing to do with subatomic physics, since it is not related to neither high energy, nor nuclei nor particle physics.

    Now that was not so hard to understand?
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    I was just being a smart ass kind of because of coarse hydrogen and oxygen are composed of particles and contain nuclei. I know that the thread was misplaced, but just funny that all things at their fundamental levels have something to do with high energy,r nuclei or particle physics right? Maybe not, but at least water and electric currents.
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    so then I can ask a question about my mothers cat, since everything is just composed by nuclei and particles?
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    Your right, I was just joking, good point though.
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    For the record though, your mothers cat does have something to do with particle physics.
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    Back to Nikola Tesla and Stan Meyer...

    I am interested in making the water fuel cell regardless of whether it was fraud or not.

    Who knows how to help?
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    It just doesn't make much sense because converting water into H and O is less than 100% efficient. Even if you figured out a way to double that to 200%, then you would still need a back seat full of batteries at least. If anyone tries to tell you that you can run your car on water using your single or even double 12 volt batteries, don't give them any money.
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    Desktop fusion might be a better thing to talk about here. Or cold emission.
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    Desktop fusion will not happen in your lifetime and with Gasoline being far less cost efficient to produce then Hydrogen. Why does it matter if its not less then 100% efficient.

    BTW H2O isnt the only method of getting hydrogen. Ever heard of Ammonia?
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