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    Hi. My name is Liudmila (NIKOXXII is my artist nickname)
    I've found this forum while searching for information that could help me explain some of the events that are happening in the book I am writing. I can post a link to this forum on my website and any of my social outlets, once I get back to working on them.
    I joined the forum because I struggle to understand the ideas I write about in my books. I also would like to base those ideas on existing scientific theories rather than presenting them as pure fantasy.
    My knowledge of physics and chemistry can be compared to a rusty piece of an ancient contraption. This artifact provides a clue how the machine used to look like, but I can barely remember how it worked...
    I hope I can find a few nice folks around here that can direct me to the appropriate knowledge sources, or try to explain some of the theories to me somehow.
    Thank you in advance
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    Welcome to PF!
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