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Nine is God

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    My teacher, Sai Baba, who has over 100 million followers
    .. says that 9 signifies God, because whether multiplied
    or divided the answer digits always add up to 9. Changelessness
    is an attribute of God.


    I believe that if you ask Baba or your favorite form of GOD
    in meditation for an answer to a math problem, it will come to you
    ..usually within 20 minutes.

    Belief is necessary for the current.
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    Multiplied by nine, yes! Divided by nine, no! Take 9 divided by 9 = 1, this is not a multiple of nine. Does that have any effect on the philosophy?
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    This is as ridiculous as saying 0 is God because all its multiples (and quotients) are 0.

    I would strongly recommend that Sai Baba learn some basic Number Theory, before proclaiming godliness on numbers whose properties he has no clue about.

    I also strongly recommend all the 100 million followers of Sai Baba to take his "mathematical teachings" with a sackfull of salt.

    Finally, this is not a Religion Forum. If you want to help spread Sai Babaism, please don't do it here.
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