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Homework Help: Nine Questions : Please Physicians Help me *_*

  1. Sep 21, 2009 #1
    First i want to thank all the Members who are sharing us thier knowledge and science .
    Second i will try my best to help others and share information to all .
    Third please excuse me because of my english language i am weak at it.

    I have 9 questions for my homework which is due to this Thursday. Its actually 21 questions but i solved the others except these questions so i hope i get hints or clues for my questions.

    I will be very happy if at least one question is been answered because i will feel that i've been accepted to be a member of this forums.

    Forgive me because i have asked too much questions in my first post.

    Here are the Questions ,

    Question #1

    Consider the uniformly charged sphere with
    radius R = 4.65461 m,
    Q = 6.66731 μC is the
    total charge
    inside the

    a) Find the total flux passing through the
    Gaussian surface (a spherical shell) with ra-
    dius 2.08762 m.

    b) Find the electric field at radius r =
    2.08762 m.

    c) Find the value of the electrostatic potential
    at the same radius r = 2.08762 m.

    Relevant Formula :


    I have answered part a & b correctly except part c So guys help me out in this part & thx in Advance.

    Question #2

    A charge of 9.054 nC is uniformly distributed
    along the x-axis from −5 m to 5 m.
    What is the electric potential (relative to
    zero at infinity) of the point at 6 m on the

    Question # 3

    Given : ke = 8.98755 × 10^9 Nm2/C2 .

    A uniformly charged insulating rod of
    length 21.9 cm is bent into the shape of a
    If the rod has a total charge of −8.21 μC.

    a) Find the horizontal component of the electric
    field at O, the center of the semicircle.
    Hint: Define right as positive.

    b) Determine the value of the electric potential
    V at the center of the semicircle.

    Question # 4

    Consider a solid conducting sphere with a
    radius a and charge Q1 on it. There is a
    conducting spherical shell concentric to the
    sphere. The shell has an inner radius b (with
    b > a) and outer radius c and a net charge
    Q2 on the shell. Denote the charge on the
    inner surface of the shell by Q′2 and that on
    the outer surface of the shell by Q′′2 .

    http://www.up-00.com/s1files/a5c29970.jpg [Broken]

    Assume: The potential at r = 1 is zero.
    Find the potential VP at point P, which is
    the midpoint between a and b.

    Question # 5

    The electric potential in a certain region is
    V = a x2 + b x + c,
    where a = 19 V/m2, b = −19 V/m, and
    c = 55 V.
    Determine the position where the electric
    field is zero.

    Question # 6

    A uniform electric field is in the negative x
    direction. Points a and b are on the x-axis, a
    at x = 3 m and b at x = 11 m.
    If the magnitude of Vb − Va is 2.06 × 10^5 V,
    what is the electric field?

    Question # 7

    A particle of mass 3 × 10−4 kg and charge
    3 μC moves downward from point A to point
    B a distance of 5 m in the earth’s gravita-
    tional field. The kinetic energy of the particle
    decreases by 3.9 mJ during this movement.
    The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .
    What is the potential difference VB − VA?

    Question # 8

    Calculate the surface charge density for a solid
    spherical conductor of radius 0.371 m if the
    potential is 0.703 m from the center of the
    sphere is 2.90 kV.

    Question # 9

    Points A (2 m, 6 m) and B (9 m, 14 m) are in
    a region where the electric field is uniform and
    given by ~E = Exˆı + Ey ˆj, where Ex = 8 N/C
    and Ey = 3 N/C.
    What is the potential difference VA − VB?

    Please Friends Any help In any question above will help me very much & i will be gratefull to you.
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